Monday, March 19, 2007


Grades are filed. One final paper is in, the other is still pending, thanks to a last-minute extension from my professor. Winter quarter is now officially over.

Spring break is never long enough, especially when compared to our long, luxurious six-week winter break. Only one week? That's crazy.

Fortunately, this year Jeff and I (and Charlotte) are staying put. Last year Jeff went to Arizona (where it was unseasonably cold--bah!) and I flew solo to Iowa to visit my family. Well, not quite solo...Miss C came along, too.

That was such an uncomfortable flight, in part because I think Charlotte picked midair over Iowa to flip from head-up to head-down. It felt...weird.

This year we can just sit back and relax and wait for the visitors to come to us. Which they are--my folks will be here Wednesday.

In Charlotte news (because I know why you people are here, and it's not for me!): she has a top front tooth busting through, and it's been wreaking all sorts of havoc on her sleep. I also caught her grinding her bottom teeth against the new interloper. Let's hope the partner tooth emerges at the same time to lessen the sleep disturbances.

Watch for a video soon. Until then, you'll have to be content with the picture above, one of the "rejects" from a photo shoot I did a couple weeks ago. (Prints coming soon, grandparents!) Note the arm-rolls.


daledeur said...

Holy Cow! If that was one of the rejects I can't wait to see the keepers...
Also can't wait to see you guys. Get that paper done so we can hang out!

The Groen Family said...

I LOVE the arm rolls. Kiss every one while you can, because pretty soon, they will be long beautiful arms, and you will love them, but you will miss the Marshmallow Man arms. :)