Thursday, November 08, 2007

This morning, as I was getting ready for school, Jeff and Charlotte were reading books in Charlotte's room. I heard lots of chatter from Charlotte, so I went to check it out.

The morning light was soft and pale, that November light that signals the beginning of winter. Jeff sat in the old white rocking chair with Charlotte, still in her pink footie pajamas, on his lap. They were reading "Caps for Sale," and Charlotte was telling Jeff about the "monkeys...peekaboo! Tss tss tss!"

It's not available in stores, but that's the best gift I could have gotten for my 30th birthday.


On a more humorous note:

If you ask Charlotte how old she is, she'll say "one!" and hold up her finger. I've been trying to teach her how old Jeff and I are. "How old is mama, Charlotte?" I'd ask. "One!" she'd reply enthusiastically. "No, mama is thirty, Charlotte. Can you say thirty?"

She thought about it for a second, then said, "FORTY!"

Let's go back to "one," how about.


Kim said...

Too cute.
Happy Birthday, Jana. Hope you find some fun ways to celebrate another decade. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jana. Hope you have a great day with your little family!:)

Aunt Karen

steve said...

Hey happy belated birthday Jana! I hope it was a happy one! I'm really looking forward to seeing the three of you here next month!
-brother Steve