Saturday, February 23, 2008

Maintain Radio Silence

I'll assume from the lack of acknowledgement, let alone response, to my last post that y'all patently Do Not Want the Tigs to pack up your niece/granddaughter/no-relation-but-still-love-her Charlotte and move her to the godforsaken country of Western Massachusetts. I know, I know. I already google-mapped it and I know it's far away. Just rest assured that all the results are not yet in, no decisions have been made, etc. So stay tuned.

Also, how do you think the UMass Minutemen would fare against the Salukis or the Jayhawks? I mean, he looks pretty fierce and all in that photo. He's got his sleeves rolled up to expose his biceps, no doubt strengthen'd by years fpent fhoveling manure on ye olde horfe farm. But you know that behind that logo he's wearing knee-breeches and tights. Not too encouraging.

In other news, today is Charlotte's 20-month birthday. We spent some time watching movies of Charlotte from a year ago. Holy cow, she's grown up! I mean, I know she had, She went from this chubby little squealer to a real-live walking and talking toddler.

She loved watching the movies, too. She laughed along with her baby self, and pointed out people she know when they came onscreen. Maybe we'll start a new tradition of watching old Charlotte films more regularly.


Amy Tracy said...

You are correct - Kansas and Southern Illinois are much preferred from a location standpoint than U of M Amherst. I'm also still holding out great hope for the University of Iowa and even Minnesota. I'm selfish, but I don't care :)

Joclyn has always loved watching her own movies from when she was a little one or even from several hours ago. She is completely mesmerized! Speaking of, a copy of her four-year movie is on it's way to your house right now!

Lauren said...

I don't know--he does have a gun, but it's a musket. I think accuracy and loading time would be pretty big question marks. On the other hand, maybe he could astound the competition with his shapely legs as accentuated by his tights?

Mindi said...

I think Massachusetts would be fantabulous! But, I will visit you wherever you end up. As long as it's not a boring place.

Anonymous said...

Come visit Kansas. I love it here, but you'll need to visit places. There's only so much info you can get from websites and this is a big career-shaping decision. I don't know anything about the politics of the dept at UMass or S.Illinois, so I can't help you there. I'm supportive not just of our crazy fictional goofy looking bird (who I actually find endearing now), but of what's best for you, personally and professionally.

Kristen and I would love for you to visit us! And, we'd of course be ecstatic if you and your family decide to move here!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on another acceptance btw!! Choice is always a good thing!!!