Sunday, December 28, 2008

I have so much to say about Sam, about this delivery experience, about how enormous Charlotte suddenly seems, but first I really want to take a nice long bath in the huge jacuzzi tub in our hospital room. I promise to write more in the coming days. But I know you're all most interested in photos. In addition to the one above, you can find many more posted to (link at right). His facial bruising from his super-quick passage down the birth canal has gone down quite a bit, so he's less purple than yesterday. He's also eating well, as evidenced by his milk mustache in several shots. Enjoy!

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Tena said...

I loved all the pictures Jana! He is soooo pretty and perfect! I want to hear your birth story too. I was sad for you after reading Friday's post, but assumed things moved pretty quickly after that! And I will NEVER get over being jealous of you girls who go weeks EARLY instead of me who has to be induced.every.time.