Monday, April 20, 2009

A bedtime conversation:

Jana: Goodnight, Charlotte!
Charlotte: Mama, I have a question.
J: Okay, what is it?
C: Ummmmmmm... (long pause).
J: Charlotte, are you stalling? Yes. I like animals. Goodnight.
C: But wait!
J: What, honey?
C: I want you to know. I DON'T like animals.
J: Okay. Noted. Goodnight, now, sweetie.

Minutes later, I hear Charlotte loudly singing in her room, NOT sleeping. I go to remind her it's bedtime.

Jana: Charlotte! It's bedtime! Time to be quiet and close your eyes and go to sleep!
Charlotte: What!?
J: It's bedtime, honey. You know that. Goodnight.
C: Mama, where is my candy (Easter candy we've been parsing out a little each day)?
J: It's downstairs, honey.
C: Is it in the heart bag?
J: Yes, Charlotte. Now, go to slee...
C: But is the bag hanging up!?
J: I think so honey. Now, it's time for bed.
C: But mama. PLEASE, make sure the bag is hanging up for me.
J: Will do. Good night!

So far, no more disturbances. But the night is still young!

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Kurt said...

Unlike old, burned-out grad students like you and I, Jana, Charlotte doesn't yet seem to be at the stage where sleeping is the best part of the day.