Sunday, June 07, 2009

-holds my hand on a walk of any length, even from the dining room to the kitchen.
-usually has sticky hands these days.
-calls the refrigerator "Mr. Cold."
-likes to be present for Pooh's diaper changes and wake-ups.
-calls her brother Pooh Bear.
-is my constant helper.
-has questions about everything. Everything.
-is teetering on the brink between toddler and little girl.
-goes to sleep entirely on her own, sleeps through the night, and wakes up happy almost every day. (What a change from a year ago!)
-has grubby feet and a new shin bruise or two at the end of every day (she has her mother's complexion for sure).

-wakes up happy, cooing and shrieking with joy, about 90% of the time.
-is cutting his first teeth, quite droolily.
-has the most genuinely happy smile I've ever seen.
-follows his sister's movements like a flower follows the sun.
-has moisture rashes in his neck folds and in the folds behind his knees, places that rarely see the light of day.
-still has blue eyes, with a brown streak in the right eye.
-is now most definitely a blonde.
-loves to be in his exersaucer.
-has started baby cereal (verdict: meh).
-has not offered a repeat performance of rolling over (Charlotte was the same way).


Travis said...

Sounds like we're both blessed with inquisitive little sidekicks! I just posted the same about Aidan and came across yours.

momdadtig said...'s wonderful how you're recording your thoughts along the way about motherhood and the kids....wish I had done more of that.
mom t.

Jana said...

Travis, how do you handle the constant questioning? I have to admit it drives me NUTS sometimes. I've resorted to the good old "because. Just because" several times now.

Travis said...

After the 38th consecutive "whaddya mean?" question I usually throw back a "whaddya mean, whaddya mean, whaddya mean?". He starts giggling and sometimes it distracts him enough that he forgets what he asked and we move on. I love that he asks a lot of questions but daddy's brain gets tired sometimes.