Friday, February 12, 2010

Some recent Charlotte-isms:

Charlotte and Jeff are listening to “Lovesick”

C: So, Bob Dylan says he’s sick of love.

J: That’s what he says. I’m not sure I believe him, though. Do you?

C: I believe him.

J: Don’t you think he’s being a bit disingenuous? I mean, who really gets sick of love?

C: He just doesn’t want anyone to love him anymore. He’s sick. Of love.

J: Yeah, but –

C: Maybe he just doesn’t want his parents to love him anymore.

J: Hm. That could be…

C: That’s sad. That would make his parents sad if he didn’t want any love.

J: It would.


Charlotte and Jeff are having some breakfast

C: There’s something under the table.

J: What is it?

C: I don’t know.

J: Well let me look a minute. Oh, hey! It’s Bob Dylan. Hi there, Bob.

C: No. It’s not Bob Dylan. It’s a Boomka.

J: Really? Oh boy. Did it have its plotchky with it?

C: What’s a plotchky?

J: Exactly. That’s the question people have been asking for as long as there have been Boomkas.

C: Well he doesn’t have his plotchky with him.

J: That’s good. Amazing, but good.

C: What is a plotchky?

J: Exactly.

C: Actually, I think he has a plotchky in his backpack. He’s going to school.

J: It’s a wonder he managed it.

C: He got lost on the way to school, so he hid under our table. But his teacher came to find him, and showed him how to find the bus.


Jana is getting ready for school; Charlotte is playing with a novelty tie of Jeff's.

C: Careful, mama! Don't step on my snake!

J: Oh, this is your snake?

C: Yes, of course. His name is Hednul. It's his birthday. Do you know what kind of birthday cake he's going to have?

J: No, what kind?

C: I don't know either! We're waiting to open the box and find out!

J: Oh, the cake is in a box?

C: MAMA! Don't step on Hednul's cake box!

J: Oh! Sorry, Hednul.

C: (to herself) Hednul was almost in tears.


Dale Deur said...

What a conversationalist!

Jennifer said...

I love that Jeff used the word "disingenuous" in a conversation with Charlotte.