Sunday, January 07, 2007


It's a strange coincidence that Jeff and I both have brothers with a birthday on January 7. Today my brother Scott turns 26; Jeff's youngest brother Mark turns 23.

I can't speak for Jeff, but I know that my brother is the reason I someday want to have another child. Growing up with a little brother meant I had many things: a constant intruder, a confidante, someone who could sympathize about how weird our parents are, a conveniently close enemy if I needed to fight and blow off some steam, someone to fake sumo wrestle with, someone to watch MST3K with, someone that maybe even sometimes looked up to me and made me feel like I should try to be a good example.

One of my greatest hopes is that someday Charlotte will get to experience the indescribable relationship (at times unbearable, at times so much fun) that occurs between siblings.

Happy birthday, brothers!


Mark said...

I hate my brothers

Jana said...

Ha, Mark. I know that's not true. You LOVE them. LOVE THEM.

Mindi said...

I have two brothers. They aren't that great.

Jana said...

I've met your brothers. You're right. Just kidding.