Friday, January 19, 2007

Okay, I've never tried this before, but I was looking for a simple way to share video more readily. It's not a terribly exciting video, but if it works I can promise more thrilling Charlotte footage in the future!

Daddy Comes Home: A Short Film

Enjoy! And let me know if it works!


leigh said...

Jana! Adorable! You've made Kurt and me want to have a baby. Well, you've made me want to have a baby. Kurt is just sitting on the couch with me enjoying how adorable Charlotte is, which I'm assuming means he wants to have a baby, too. When do we get to baby-sit?

Jana said...

It's amazing how you really get to know what your man is thinking after a while, isn't it? :)

Babysit? How about tomorrow?!

daledeur said...

Now you've done it...both Mom & I REALLY miss Charlotte now. Why don't you come by this weekend?
We'll be happy to babysit.

daledeur said...

After watching it again, I am siezed by envy...Jana, you got to be a key grip!

Mindi said...

Cool! I've been wondering how to put videos on my blog and now I know. I doubt I could figure out all the fancy editing though.

Charlotte is getting quite strong!

Your apartment looks big.

Thanks for providing me with a worthwhile study break.

Jana said...

Ha! Fancy's all part of a program on my computer...not at all fancy.

Glad to provide a break!

And Dad...on the next production, you can be Best Boy.