Sunday, August 12, 2007

I apologize about the dearth of posts around here lately. I got the great news yesterday that my master's essay was accepted and I'll be able to graduate this summer. This frees me up to work on a number of other things that I've been putting off for...well, for months, to be honest. Including a one-year video montage of Charlotte's first year that I hope to post here before the week's out.

In Charlotte news, she's back on her feet, walking like she'd never even heard of stairs. Speaking of stairs, she's kind of obsessed with them these days. I taught her how to back down the stairs today in the hopes that we won't always have to trail her up the steps only to bring her back down to start over again.

In Jeff and Jana news, we had our first date in about seven months Friday night, thanks to my friend Kristen who generously volunteered to babysit. Jeff and I headed out to a restaurant we'd been wanting to check out, and afterward even got to go get fancypants drinks at Casa. Like real grown-ups! Things went well at home, too. The only meltdown was when Kristen didn't understand Charlotte's request for "cahcah." Cahcah=cracker. And also our last name, interestingly.

So, look for more entries (with photos!) and even a video later this week.


Kim said...

Congrats on the acceptance of your master's essay! Eager to see the Charlotte montage... :)

cry it out! said...

Congratulations! Can't wait for the video - we're looking into making one, too.


Phyllis said...

Congratulations! I don't think I've commented before but wanted you to know that I do check up on your family via the blog periodically and what fun it is to hear what's going on with your family! Jana, your Mom & Dad are so proud of their beautiful grandaughter - I hear about her often. She is indeed a sweetie...
Love, Aunt Phylliks