Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Tumble in the Bronx

I'm happy to report that Charlotte seems a bit better today...more confident on her feet and walking a little closer to normal. I called the doctor and she said to take it day by day. If Charlotte's not back to normal within two weeks, we should follow up.

One thing that this spill has brought about is hearing everyone's stories about their own or their kids' tumbles. It is amazing what kids can bounce back from! It seems like everybody and their brother has fallen down stairs, off porches, out of car seats, etc. at one point or another, and all of them are walking without the assistance of canes or crutches at this point! Good thing babies are 90% cartilage.*

*not an actual percentage


Mark said...

I once fell face first on to a grill from a 12 foot balcony when my dad was supposed to be watching me. I should have been dead but instead it was only my two front teeth which decided to perish.

Jana said...

I know, I totally thought of you and your deck dive when this happened!

I still maintain that Jeff nudged you off the deck.