Sunday, September 16, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Today is Jeff's and my seventh wedding anniversary. Here we are seven years ago today:

And here we are (about) seven years after that, getting ready to go out for a date (!) Friday night:

The past seven years have included some of the lowest lows of my life. I lost my Aunt Grace and my Grandpa Deur. I was fired from my very first job. I was rejected from several of the graduate programs to which I applied. Through each of these awful, stressful, mournful times Jeff proved what an amazing guy he was: supportive, thoughtful, listening and loving.

The past seven years have also included some the highest highs of my life. We took trips to the Smoky Mountians, the west coast, Ireland, and New York City, as well as random road trips around the midwest. We bought and sold our first house. We uprooted and moved to a new community and I started and finished my master's program. And, of course, the big one...we made this person:

Having a baby, and especially welcoming an unexpected baby, can, I think, be a real relationship litmus test. Charlotte proved that Jeff and I can work together under remarkable circumstances. After nearly fifteen months of parenting her, we've formed a parental team that makes me really proud. And that's probably the biggest achievement of our marriage.

Happy anniversary, Jeff!


daledeur said...

A belated happy anniversary - love the look of unadulterated joy on Charlotte's face in the pic. Wishing for 70 more years for you two!
By the way, your living room layout looks great w/o the entertainment center...

Jana said...