Sunday, September 02, 2007

Noise Toys

Just now, Jeff was getting ready to take out the kitchen trash. As he removed the can from under the sink (that's where the Dutch keep their kitchen garbage, you know), the edge hit the cabinet. Suddenly we both heard the tinny melodic chimes of one of Charlotte's electronic toys.

Upon further examination, it appears Miss C threw her new cell phone toy away. I had noticed her subversively opening the cabinets while I was making her dinner earlier tonight...hmm. I guess it's time to get those child-proof latches up.


the center of attention said...

She's just rejecting technology, Jana. You should encourage that. Maybe she'll be a future leader of the no cell phones movement. Maybe she'll be president, and that'll be her platform.

I'll vote for her.

And explain to me how the Dutch have such small amounts of trash that they can keep the trash in the cabinet under the sink.


Jana said...

Oh, no, we accumulate as much trash as anyone else. We just take it out more frequently.