Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Charlotte is very generous. A few days ago, she was eating dried cherries when she spotted the moon in the sky. "Here ya go, moon," she said, extending her hand. "Wanna some cherries?"

And just now she offered the bouquet of flowers on the counter a bite of her oatmeal. Then she said, "Silly baby Charlotte give-a oatmeal to flowers!" At least she gets that it's silly to offer inanimate objects foodstuffs.

Things are slowly getting back to normal around here. I have now heard back from every school, so no more waiting and stalking the mailbox. After more than a week, I think I have finally kicked this terrible bug. And today Charlotte seems to feel much better, too. And yesterday I had exams for both of my classes, so now all I need to do is finish grading and file my grades, and I can wash the dust of the winter quarter off my boots. Ahhhh.

I hope you are all doing well, too.

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Dale Deur said...

The only way I could be better would be if we were hangin' with you guys...