Wednesday, March 05, 2008

This has been a rough week. I got three rejections, from my top three programs: Minnesota, Washington U St. Louis, and Indiana. Monday, Tuesday, and five minutes ago.

I also got an acceptance to Purdue, but without funding. So, if we're using our wrestling ring metaphor, that's like a legless Boilermaker, I guess? In other words, no dice. Sorry, Boilermakers.

So it's down to this:

In: UMass-Amherst, Kansas, Georgia, Southern Illinois, Purdue (no $$)
Out: Minn, WashU, Indiana
Still Waiting: Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Loyola


Lauren said...

I'm sorry to hear that, Jana :(

Mark Tig said...

the percentages are in your favor

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry too! Indiana's a tough cookie. I was *dying* to go there, but they're picky and don't normally take Indiana residents (which is me). Though, I'm sure they had other reasons for rejecting me too, but in short -- they're just hard to get into so try not to sweat it (easier said than done, I know).

On the up side -- I will have taken classes at KU with the two profs I most wanted to study with at IU. I can tell you more about it later, but we have a summer program with significant funds to invite famous profs (like Susan Gubar!) to come teach a summer course. I'm involved in Gubar's visit this summer and **stoked** about it.

p.s. I never cared much for Purdue and I have some issues with Minnesota (that I can divulge later). I remember hearing from Colorado late so don't give up on all those that are still out.

Kristen said...

I was rejected from Minnesota, too (boo to them!). You've been accepted to some great schools, though, and still have more to hear from! You should be very proud of yourself!