Saturday, November 22, 2008

Charlotte's First Haircut!


Oh! The curls! WHAT AM I THINKING!?

And after:

Despite the lack of a smile, she declares she really likes it.

And during:

I've been thinking about cutting Charlotte's hair for a while. While I blanched at cutting off her baby curls, the longer it got, the more scraggly and thin it seemed. It was usually a tangled mess in the mornings. She was constantly pushing her hair out of her eyes.

Yesterday, I impulsively asked Charlotte if she wanted her hair cut short. "Like mama's," she said. "Yes, sort of," I replied. "YES! I want a haircut. I want it RIGHT NOW!" I'm not joking...that's really what she said. I hemmed and hawed for a while, but then decided to go for it.

I think I did an okay job. I cut the bangs a little too short, which I'm hoping gives this impression:

instead of this:

It took Jeff a while to warm up to it, which had me weeping and blubbering. "You HATE it!" I wailed. "I RUINED her!" I think we all like it now. I hope.


Amy Tracy said...

She looks adorable. I think she resembles her mama even more with this cut. I'm impressed you tackled this yourself.

Joclyn could have cut Charotte's hair, as well, given she gave herself bangs during a late night cutting in her bedroom last March!

Kurt said...

Amelie, not so much. Paint kid, dead ringer. You should go around telling Charlotte that she's your little Dutch Boy. That would be confusing but possibly funny

JSK said...

The one picture looks like she's saying "You gonna' say I look like the Dutch Boy, I gonna' take you down." She so spunky with that new cut!