Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sometimes, when I download the pictures from my camera, there's a surprise (or two, or a dozen) waiting for me. This last time was no exception.

I have no explanation for these photos.

Well, I can tell you that that's a pair of Charlotte's underpants. But that's about it.

Today is Jeff's 32nd birthday.

I can say with complete confidence that he doesn't act his age.

Happy birthday, sweetheart.


Lauren said...

I have nothing constructive to say, other than "awesome." Happy b-day, Jeff!

Dale Deur said...

The first? Quite possibly the funniest picture. Ever.

JSK said...

I never would say this on a normal basis, but that last picture makes Jeff look just like Wallace from Wallace and Grommit! I think it's more the look on his fact than anything else.

momdadtig said...

That's my kid! Always was a free spirit! Thanks for sharing. mom

Mark Tig said...

i love my brother

Dave said...