Thursday, February 12, 2009

Some Charlotteisms:

Charlotte is doing a little dance. Jeff asks her about it.
Charlotte: It's a promitized dance about a funny toy store with lots of candy in it and ice cream in there too.

Jeff is feeding Sam a bottle.
Charlotte: Heidi needs her bottle too.
J: Heidi needs some milk, too?
C: No, water. I pump for water, too. (Baring chest) Milk on this side, water on this side.

While we were listening to NPR on the radio, Charlotte suddenly belts out from the backseat: Budget crunch!

After dining out today:
Charlotte: We went to Applebeast, Sam!


Dale Deur said...

Milk/water. How convenient!

Lauren said...

Maybe Charlotte should do all of NPR's economic reports. "Budget Crunch" in a two-year-old voice sounds much less frightening. More like an add for breakfast cereal.

Brouwer Family said...

Charlottes communication and thinking skills are incredible!

Amy Tracy said...

I love reading these! They are classic.

Tena said...

Ok what is promitized? It SOUNDS real!