Friday, March 27, 2009

Today, Sam is three months old. To celebrate, he caught his sister's cold and decided to remind us what he was like at three weeks. In other words: crying, waking up every two hours, boycotting naps. Fun! Lesson learned, Samuel. We appreciate you as a three-month-old.

So I'm tired and don't have much to say that's clever and witty or even interesting. However, Charlotte does. So here's a transcript Jeff typed up (along with introductory explanation) of their conversation over dinner:

"This is a transcript (or as close as i could get) of Charlotte 'reading' the player bios off the backs of some baseball cards. (Jana awesomely brought home 3 packs of 2009 Topps cards this afternoon for her, C, and I to each open. At first I thought, Grumble...these were probably way too expensive - 50 cents a pack, in my day - and they're bound to be worthless; but then I spent the next hour looking at them, reading stats, etc. Charlotte picked up on the general sound/formula of the bios from the ones I read aloud, and then at the dinner table decided it was her turn. While the info varied [to a degree], the 'player' name was the same for each card she picked up and read. She must have [mis]heard me read Conor Jackson's card...):

"Michael Jackson knows how to walk and talk when he sneezes and burps and plays ball."

"Michael Jackson knows how to pat ladies' backs and say Hey Ladies, you have a great big tummy. You write that on my blog." [That last part may have been a side-note to me, rather than a Michael quote.]

"Michael Jackson knows how to sheff [chef?] people's face away." [Sheff, Charlotte? "Sheff mean like to push their face away."] I think she means "shove"--Jana

"Michael Jackson knows how to walk and talk and play ball and throw balls and books and throw apples and rescues and pencils and laps and cameras."

"Michael Jackson knows how to read books and drink milk and drink strawberries and drink bananas."

"Michael Jackson knows how to play with toys."

"Michael Jackson knows how to play with mans and womans and strawberries and cans and coconut milk and butter and milk and crackers and crackers and crackers again and crackers again."

"Michael Jackson does all those things but also he can toot."

"That all Michael Jackson can do."

"Walk with Michael Jackson."

[pause...short break to eat; not much interest in food]

[What does this card say, Charlotte?]

"It says, 'Hey Ladies, you have big tummy.'"

"Michael Jackson knows how to play ball at the stadium and get popcorn."

"'Always be a good girl,' Michael Jackson said."

"Michael Jackson knows how to play a game called B-I-B-L-E."

[The End]


Dale Deur said...

Wow, that's one impressive resume, Michael...

JSK said...

What woman wouldn't be swayed by "Hey ladies, you have big tummy." I am laughing out loud. This made my morning!

momdadtig said...

Send her over here! We have BOXES of baseball cards she can study!