Sunday, March 22, 2009

Twelve Things About My Twelve-Week-Old

1. He sleeps 70% of the time. I figured it out.

2. The other 30% is typically spent eating, smiling, or looking around bemusedly.

3. He's huge. I hope to have stats later this week, but I'm guessing well over 15 pounds.

4. He loves his sister. He cranes his neck to see her when he hears her voice.

5. He hates baths. Bathtime is one of the few times you'll hear Sam scream.

6. The other time is diaper changing times, although not every time.

7. His hair looks a bit lighter than it did when he was born. I'd say it's more of an auburn now.

8. He take a pacifier, and seems to be trying to figure out how to suck his thumb.

9. He has started cooing, and it's the cutest sound in the world.

10. He's a grunter--grunts in his sleep and when he's awake just for fun. He has a repertoire of grunts, including a very specific one that signals he's about to poop.

11. He belches louder than any baby I've ever met.

12. He's twelve weeks old now. I can't believe it's only been twelve weeks--I feel like he's been in our lives forever.


Anonymous said...

Have you tried giving him his bath in front of a mirror? Just a thought :)

Angie G.

momdadtig said...

That boy is so dang cute!!!!!!! ....sorry, i'm just sayin'...
(Nana. Unbiased Nana.)

JSK said...

Look at that awesomely intense look in his eye! He's thinking deep literary theory thoughts already!