Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I can't stop! I'm addicted to daily posting! I need an intervention!

Just kidding. I just had a Charlotte-ism I had to share.

Tonight, when I was giving Sam a bath, Charlotte was getting ready for bed. I gave her her nightly gummy Winnie the Pooh vitamin, and she commented how the different characters were different colors. I thought this might be a nice teaching moment, so I mentioned that in real life, people came in all different colors.

Charlotte: What color are you, mama?
Me: I'm sort of a...um, peach color.
Charlotte: Me, too! I'm peach, too. And Sam's peach colored too.
Me: That's right!
Charlotte: And dada's hairy colored!


Miz Jean said...

Awesome! Reagan is a bit fascinated as well by her Daddy's hairy chest. :) Not so much his hairy head.

Jennifer said...

That is awesome.