Sunday, December 27, 2009

One year ago, I was just meeting my favorite little guy for the first time, in all his bruised, brunette glory:

Now he's a golden boy, charming and happy and gregarious, and his only bruises are from his tumbles into immobile pieces of furniture as he tries so hard to perambulate:

Happy birthday, Sam. I'm so glad you're here.

Sam's birth story is here: part one, part two.

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megs said...

Just looked at the bday photos.

1. I laughed out loud at the cake. BALL!
2. Um...Sam uses a fork?!? Am I selling Hank short? I haven't really offered him utensils and maybe I should? I can't keep a bowl or plate anywhere near him or it goes on the floor. He's 10 months today. Advice?
3. Your family is gorgeous. All of you. But I particularly love Sam's hair in the second photo.

Happy holidays and birthdays!