Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Are all 19-month-olds this entertaining?

Some days Jeff and I just sit, watch and listen to Charlotte as she provides her funny, random running commentary on the world. We went out for a walk yesterday. The second we're out the door it begins.

"It's a birdie! A birdie, a-flying! A-a-a-fly AWAY in a SKY!"

"We walk...a-weird. We walk a-weird." (This is her interpretation of a song with the lyrics "We walk through the world.")

"Mama alright. Dada alright." (I have to admit to playing "Surrender" by Cheap Trick for her once or twice. It's part of my running mix. She's picked this part of the song up.)

Someone drives by in a car. "Hello, car. Hello lady. Lady...a-driving. A car! Noisy car!"

Right now Charlotte is eating ("Mmmm. Delicious oatmeal! Funny Grandma [the Quaker on the box]!") She stopped in the middle of a bite and said "Charlotte kiss mama?"

I was happy to help.

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Dale Deur said...

Wait until the running commentary includes innocent embarrassing items...
By the way, another great Cheap Trick running song - "California Man". Enjoy.