Monday, January 07, 2008

Tonight, Jeff, Charlotte and I were all out for a walk. One thing Charlotte likes to do is greet people she sees with the name of someone she knows. Typically, she goes for the closest approximation. So any gentleman over the age of 65 is Dick, the name of our apartment office manager's husband. Guys are generally Uncle somebody (Awesome, Mark, or Steve). Girls are typically Becca, Mindi, or, for a pair of ladies, "aunt Katies."

Tonight, Charlotte pointed ahead of us on the bike path and said "two aunt Katies!"

"Uh, no, Charlotte," I responded. "That's just one person. And he's a guy. He's not even one aunt Katy."

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momdadtig said...

Thank goodness we didn't have a fourth son opening up the possibility, of another Aunt Katie.