Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A conversation

The scene: Breakfast. Charlotte has moved on from her first course of scrambled eggs with ham to oatmeal, although she still has a piece of ham on her shoulder. I am eating oatmeal as well.

Charlotte: (muttering to herself) Delicious. Delicious.
Charlotte: (out loud) Hi, mama!
Mama: Hi, Charlotte! How are you?
Charlotte: (silence)
Mama: How are you, Charlotte?
Charlotte: Ooh, ham!

Moments later:

Charlotte: Hello, ladies!
Mama: (laughing) I can only assume you mean me. So, hello!
Charlotte: I'm fine!
Mama: I didn't quite ask yet, but that's good to hear.
Charlotte: Fine! Good! You?
Mama: I'm fine, tha...
Charlotte: (interrupting to bellow) DELICIOUS HAM!

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