Friday, December 15, 2006

One thing I didn't know before becoming a parent is how widely differing the parenting advice is out there. Not only widely differing--some is actually directly contradictory! I have two books in my possession that have "plans" for getting children to sleep. They are completely opposite theories, and both take opportunities to throw a few punches at the other's method. Both books are written by doctors; both are published by real, reputable publishing houses; both have been recommended to me by various people.

What's a mother to do? Do I go against my gut and try method A, which boasts X number of happy subscribers? Or do I go slightly more with my gut and try method B, which (surprise!) also has a large number of devotees? Or do I really listen to my gut and have a book burning?
The above photo has nothing to do with this post...I just couldn't resist posting it. See, she's happy! That's what really matters, right?

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