Friday, December 15, 2006

There's nothing to compare to the terror in my heart when I hear Charlotte stirring over the baby monitor after only a half-hour of sleep.

Why doesn't this child like to sleep? I LOVE to sleep! If I was an infant and had permission to sleep 14 hours a day, I'd be all over that...and probably asking for more. In fact, I think there was a time that I slept about that much: last December, when I was deep into the "nausea and vomiting" portion of my pregnancy. This was accompanied by extreme fatigue, compounded by the medication I was taking for the pregnancy. There were days I only got out of bed to crawl to the bathroom.

Now, if we could train Charlotte to do that, I'd be impressed.

This was the time period, you might recall, when Jeff got me a little bell to put next to the bed. I'd ring it if I needed anything from downstairs, since I was too weak to go up and down the stairs that frequently.

I guess the baby monitor is our new version of the summons bell. And it's ringing now, so I'd better go.


Mindi said...

Safe travels...can't wait to see you all.

Mark said...

you can ring my bell