Saturday, December 23, 2006

Six Months

600: approximate number of diapers Jeff has changed in the last six months

1400: approximate number of times Charlotte's nursed in the last six months

4: average number of hours per night Jana has slept in the last six months

2: number of teeth Charlotte has sprouted

4: number of proud grandparents

4: number of proud great-grandparents

3: number of proud uncles

3: number of proud uncles competing for the "best uncle" title

1000: approximate number of photos that have been taken of Charlotte in the last six months

12: number of people who receive these photos every week or so (sorry!)

5: number of times Charlotte has rolled over from back to front

10: decibel levels of parental encouragement resulting from said rollovers

3: length in inches of Charlotte's little hair curl at the crown of her head

19: Charlotte's current weight in pounds

26: Charlotte's current height in inches

uncountable: number of times Jeff and Jana have laughed at Charlotte's noises; number of kisses from Jeff and Jana to Charlotte; ounces of drool emitted by Charlotte
183: number of days we've had Charlotte in our lives
183: number of days we've realized we couldn't live without her

Happy half-birthday, baby girl.


daledeur said...

1 - sweet little girl that I'd like to see every day
2 - parents I am extremely proud of
Countless - the random people I tell about my granddaughter, regardless of whether they show any interest!
We'll celebrate when you get here, Charlotte. Travel safely!
Grampa Deur

Anonymous said...

That is awesome!! It makes me laugh and cry and I can't wait to see you all and Charlotte!! Love Mom