Sunday, November 08, 2009

Hello, internet! Would you like a cupcake? It's delicious--I made them myself.

Is it lame that I made my own birthday cupcakes? I hope not.

Yes, today is my birthday. I got flatware from my mom, and I was totally excited about it. Both of those things seem appropriate now that I am 32. Getting really worked up about new flatware is a 32-year-old thing.

I'm using my new flatware to eat a slice of this:

The lighting was so bad that I couldn't make the picture look decent in color. So enjoy my dramatic art-student black-and-white emo cake.

Charlotte really wanted me to use 32 candles on my cake. Because we don't have a fire extinguisher, I declined.

Charlotte was also very enthusiastic about helping me bake my cake, because she knows that baking = beaters to lick. As she was going to town on the first chocolate-batter-covered beater, she suddenly said, "This is better than a corndog!"

And it is.


Dale Deur said...

Hey, if that cupcake you sent with Mom was supposed to be for didn't make it. :-(

Audrey said...

The cupcakes were indeed delicious. We even have one left over, which I plan on secretly eating. Hope your day was awesome!

Jeff said...

And, better than a corndog? You know it's gotta be good.

megs said...

I don't even eat meat (well, mostly--I've been trying, for the chef that lives in my house) and even I have trouble finding much that is better than a corndog, so that's saying something.