Thursday, November 12, 2009

Scatalogical Thursdays!

To understand this post, you should probably know that our bathmat is brown.

Charlotte really labors with her poops. I mean, really. We're talking extended minutes spent on the john, clutching her face and doing this weird moan/whine thing. And when she finally does produce, her face turns red, she does jazz hands, grunts, and SHAZZAM! adult-sized poo. Seriously huge turds for such a little girl. She clogs the toilet regularly.*

So, here's a conversation we just had after her 20-minute ordeal finally came to fruition, as it were:

Charlotte: I did my turtle (our word for poo, in case you're a newcomer)!
Jana: Great job! (Charlotte stands up.) Whoa, that's huge one!
Charlotte: I know, and it was so ouchy!
Jana: I bet! Wow!
Charlotte: Oh! My turtle matches that towel on the ground (bathmat)! They are bathroom twins! Except that my turtle is even browner, because it's even more stinky!

And, scene.

*She's going to hate me when she gets older, isn't she?


megs said...

Am stealing "turtle" for describing Hank's future...movements.

Dale Deur said...