Thursday, November 05, 2009

Three weird phobias I have:

1. Claymation
2. Turbines
3. Fog

Your turn! In the comments.


Audrey said...

1. Not being able to find my kids in a fire at night when my house is burning to the ground.

2. The TV show Dexter.

3. Absentmindedly forgetting my kids someplace.

Lauren said...

1. Birds

2. Uncovered windows at night

3. Falling over railings on bridges or staircases.

Miz Jean said...

Audrey's #1 may be my newest fear. Yikes.

#1 - Farming accidents
#2 - Fire (even campfires make me nervous. We have a fireplace and I'm kinda scared to use it.)
#3 - Spiders

Brouwer Family said...

1. A deadly snake making its way into our plumbing and coming out the toliet. Most likely would happen when I am using the bathroom. Totally rational since there are TONS of deadly snakes slithering around Iowa, right?!

2. Airplanes

3. Elevators

Megs said...

1. Styrofoam. Like, I will cross the street to avoid a piece I see peeking out of someone's garbage can. Like, so bad I'm getting the chills and that thick-throat-need-to-swallow-the-panic feeling just writing this comment about it. Everyone in my life thinks this phobia is adorable and hilarious. I don't see what's so funny about ABSOLUTE TERROR.

2. Chewing gum. It started out as dislike, moved on to gagging nausea at the sight/thought, and has reached phobia status. I have no reservations about doing everything in my power to manipulate my son into hating gum. It is the worst.

3. Intruders. Now, I know this one isn't weird, it's totally common. But I am ridiculous. I spend at least a few minutes every day CONVINCED someone is in the house, and if Baby Daddy isn't home when I go to bed I sleep with 9 and 1 punched into my phone, as dialing just an additional "1" rather than all three digits will be the deciding factor in my potential rescue. Am crazy.

Dave said...

1. Tuna Fish sandwiches.