Thursday, November 19, 2009

Normally, on Thursday nights, I'm in class right about now. But I wasn't feeling the greatest today, so I'm skipping. I should be spending this time doing either 1. productive things; or 2. sleeping. So I'm going to first do 1, then move on to 2 shortly.

So here's a picture of Sam that cracked me up:

This is post-bath. When he saw the camera, he sat up, propped his elbow up on his knee (conveniently blocking the camera's view of his junk with his hand...very clever!) and sat all smiley and posed like this for minutes. I guess I take a lot of pictures...he knows what's expected of him!
And also a bit of Sam news: he pulled himself up to standing today! In pursuit of a small toy of Charlotte's on an end table! A toy that is totally a choking hazard! Guess what I'll be doing this weekend!


megs said...

I can't get over how chubtastic Sam is. A sturdy, beautiful boy. He's only 2 pounds heavier than Hank, and it would appear that those pounds are entirely wrapped around Sam's wrists/ankles.

Love the change "modesty" shot!

Jana said...

Chubtastic is my new favorite word. It's so perfect. And yes, Sam definitely carries his weight in his ankles and wrists. His legs have love handles.